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Obituary for Austin Reed Redfern

Austin Redfern came into this world on April 9, 1997 and left on October 23, 2020, making a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was born in Plains, MT to Paula Tempero and was one of 3 rambunctious brothers, that grew into incredible men. Growing up enjoying the beauty of Montana and Flathead Lake. He was truly an old soul, an old cowboy at heart with a little country drawl to match. In his short time on this earth, he grew into young man who had a heart of gold and shared it with everyone. At the center of that heart, was his love for his family and the importance of always lending a hand to friends, family and strangers alike. He could always be seen at his Grampy’s side, being his young legs to help in any project that was conjured up. He looked up to Grampy and often times, his Grammy wondered if that was wise. He always made his Grammy feel special, making sure to stop in just to say hi before he left. He loved to be his Uncle Mike’s branding helper. He would come out of it, covered in muck, looking like he had been to war and had a smile on his face. This was the LIFE for Austin. Along with his “old school” attitude, came his old school taste in music. He loved Kenny Rogers, Tom T Hall and Willy Nelson. He was a surrogate son to some and considered a brother to others. Honesty, integrity and hard work were important to him. Austin had a strong work ethic, was punctual and would go beyond the call of duty because “that’s the right thing to do”. His coworkers at Access Montana and previous employers could always count on him. He loved everything about being outdoors. Camping, fishing, hunting and hiking were just a few of the things he loved to do. He was almost certain to show up to family camping trips and be one of the last ones up, drinking a PBR by the fire. Austin loved completely and deeply, loyal to a fault. He felt everything strongly and had a tender heart. He was always fun-loving, loved to laugh and make others laugh. His charismatic smile was contagious. He was an honest and true friend, a faithful companion and an angel in disguise.

With the heaviest of hearts, he is survived by his mother Paula Tempero, brothers Richard Redfern and Chad Moore, his grandparents Marvel and Manford Tempero, Aunt Pam (John) Reynolds, Aunt Patty (Casey) Austin, Uncle Mike (Dalyn) Tempero, his fiancée Dianna Garcia, several cousins and hundreds of friends.

Rest easy sweet Austin. We love you and will miss you forever. Life truly will not be the same without you & your legacy will live on in the many hearts you've touched.

A graveside will be held Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 11:00 am at Lakeview Cemetery in Polson, MT and following that a celebration of Austin’s life at 1:00 pm at Lonepine Hall, Lonepine, MT.